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Welcome to WFM Solutions

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Meeting the Staff

Who We Are

We are a consultant owned company with a passion for implementing and optimizing our clients UKG WFC system. Our unique specialty and expertise is working with the UKG Forecasting and Scheduling modules. We also have great experience in UKG Timekeeper, Attendance, Payroll, Integrations and Custom Reports as well as implementing globally. 


Business Meeting


With years of experience implementing complex Forecasting and Scheduling systems, we can design and configure your system the right way from the start. We excel at understanding our clients business needs by asking the right questions, designing a solution to meet the requirements, and configuring it accurately. Using our industry and product experience, we offer valuable insight and recommendations to guide our clients down the right path.

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Assessment and Optimization

Are you getting the most out of your WFM system? Are best practices implemented? Is there a better way to configure your WFM system that provides more return on your investment? We can review your WFM design and configuration and perform an assessment that includes best practices and opportunities to optimize the system to provide better results.

Data on a Touch Pad

Forecast Analysis

Determining forecast accuracy and finding root causes in forecasting issues can be daunting. WFM Solutions has developed easy to use analytical tools that can help identify issues in data that may be causing lower forecast accuracy.

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General Support

Too much work for your team to meet an approaching deadline? Need an extra set of hands to help with configuration updates or product roll out? We are here to help support our clients any way we can. Let us support you in your projects!

Does your company need our services? Message us today.

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